Back Bacon (6 slices)

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Home cured, slowly home smoked over apple wood for 6 hours with no added water. The taste of what true bacon should be like. (Approx 450g)

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Experience the exquisite depth of flavours offered by our home-cured, home-smoked Back Bacon – a testament to artisanal mastery and a true celebration of English food craftsmanship. Our back bacon comes from the finest, locally sourced pork, hand-trimmed to ensure the perfect balance between lean and fat. The curing process is executed with precision, as the bacon is gently massaged with a traditional mix of curing salts and sugar, infusing each slice with a delicate, savoury taste profile.

The magic unfolds as the bacon is slowly smoked over applewood, a process that allows it to absorb the rich, fruity undertones of the wood smoke. This imparts a subtle smokiness that teases the senses without overpowering the natural flavour of the meat. Over the course of several hours, the bacon acquires a beautiful golden hue and a taste that is nothing short of sublime.

Our home-cured, home-smoked Back Bacon is not just a food item – it’s a sensory journey that connects the heritage of English country farming to the heart of your kitchen. Whether sizzled up for a hearty breakfast, nestled within a lunchtime sandwich, or served alongside a traditional English dinner, it promises to elevate every meal into a gourmet experience.

Trust us when we say this, you will not find better bacon in this country – or many places for that matter

Weight 450 kg

6 slices


12 slices

4 reviews for Back Bacon (6 slices)

  1. James

    Wow. Just wow! I’ve missed decent bacon for years and this has all the memories flooding back. Honestly, this is better than supermarket bacon back home.

  2. Natalie VR

    The ONLY way bacon should be… full stop! One very satisfied customer here!

  3. Daniel S.

    My BLT game changed forever after using this bacon for it. Bacon is all about deliciousness and the perfect ratio of meat to fat and smoke, and this bacon knocks it out of the park.

  4. Rebecca Hamilton

    I’ve been in Costa Rica for 3 1/2 years and it’s sooo good to have found decent bacon at last not the streaky stuff that’s everywhere! This bacon was delicious. Thank you!

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Back Bacon (6 slices)
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