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Our homemade English Style Baked Beans offer a delightful taste of comforting tradition. Slow-cooked navy beans in a tangy, mildly sweet tomato sauce deliver a heartwarming, classic English culinary experience at your table!

It’s taken us over a year to get these right, but we have finally nailed it. You know how those awful baked beans are in AutoMercado (the sweet American ones), well, these are nothing like it. Heinz, not quite, but pretty damned close and we are sure you will agree that these are some fine British Baked Beans.

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Revel in the comforting taste of our homemade English Style Baked Beans, a hearty classic lovingly prepared and brimming with homemade goodness. Our beans are the epitome of slow-cooked comfort, with each white navy bean selected for its quality, ensuring consistency and excellence in every bite.

The beans are slowly simmered until tender in a tantalising sauce, concocted from a mix of vine-ripened tomatoes, unrefined sugar, and a harmonious blend of traditional herbs and spices. The sauce imbues the beans with a tangy-sweet flavour that is beautifully balanced and full of depth, while the slow-cooking process allows them to absorb these flavours, creating a delicious symphony of taste in each spoonful.

Our English Style Baked Beans are not just a side dish – they’re a beloved comfort food that speaks to generations of English culinary traditions. Whether spooned over toast for a quick, hearty breakfast, served alongside your main meal, or used as an ingredient in a rustic casserole, they bring a touch of homely warmth to any dining table. Enjoy a bowl and let our baked beans transport you back to the nostalgic memories of classic English kitchens!

2 reviews for Baked Beans 400g

  1. Natalie VR

    I can now comfortably live in Costa Rica knowing I can get British baked beans! I (not so happily) lived off the sweet US super market version for awhile until I found these! Thank you! Weekend breakfasts are now complete!

  2. Angus Hamilton

    Amazed at the quality of the beans.
    Baked beans on toast is our national dish and there is now need to haul heavy tins over the Atlantic!

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