Pea & Ham Soup (400g)

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Our homemade English Pea and Ham Soup, carefully crafted from fresh, local ingredients, is a comforting bowl of traditional English goodness. Relish in the perfect blend of smoky ham, velvety peas, and aromatic herbs. It’s a warm embrace of home-cooked love delivered to your table!

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Delight in the comforting embrace of our homemade English Pea & Ham Soup – a wholesome delicacy that truly speaks to the heart. Our soup is thoughtfully crafted from the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and encapsulates a melody of authentic flavours. We start with tender chunks of smoky ham, painstakingly slow-cooked to release its natural juices, contributing to a depth of flavour that dances with every sip. This is complemented by a generous helping of bright green peas that are simmered to perfection, yielding a velvety texture that teases the palate. We then introduce a subtle blend of herbs and spices, lovingly swirled into the mixture to create an intoxicating bouquet that is nothing short of irresistible.

As the soup simmers and melds, it transforms into a hearty, robust delight that tantalises your taste buds while offering a soothing touch of nostalgia. It’s a warming, stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal that reminds you of the cosy comforts of home. This soup is not just food – it’s a labour of love that connects the culinary traditions of English kitchens to the convenience of your dining table. So take a dip into our English Pea and Ham Soup and savour the experience of home-cooked goodness delivered right to your doorstep!

2 reviews for Pea & Ham Soup (400g)

  1. Natalie VR

    I’m addicted to this soup right now. With the rainy afternoons setting in, a warm bowl of hearty pea soup, chunky ham and buttered bread is just perfect.

  2. Angus Hamilton

    A super soup with a wonderful spicey touch.

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Pea & Ham Soup (400g)
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