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Indulge in our homemade Scotch Eggs, a British classic filled with exquisite flavours. Each egg is wrapped in well-seasoned sausage meat and encased in a golden, crispy breadcrumb shell. It’s an exciting culinary journey from the comfort of your home!

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Dive into the crispy, flavourful wonder of our homemade Scotch Eggs – a time-honoured British classic reinvented for the discerning palate. Each Scotch Egg is a meticulous symphony of taste and texture, lovingly handcrafted from scratch. At the heart lies a perfectly boiled egg, its yolk a vibrant sunburst that promises a rich, creamy delight. Encircling the egg is a thick layer of finely ground, high-quality sausage meat, seasoned with an assortment of herbs and spices that infuse every bite with a tantalising savoury depth.

The real artistry, however, lies in the outer shell. Enveloping the sausage layer is a crunchy golden crust, prepared by delicately rolling the eggs in flour, beaten egg, and a final layer of breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs crisp up beautifully when deep-fried, providing a contrast of textures that makes every bite an adventure.

Our Scotch Eggs aren’t merely a snack, they are a celebration of British culinary traditions, made with a lot of love and a dash of innovation. Whether as a picnic indulgence, a teatime treat or a hearty appetiser, they never fail to impress. So experience the joy of biting into one of our Scotch Eggs and let it transport you to the warmth of a quintessential English kitchen!

2 reviews for Scotch Eggs x 2

  1. Tim Williams

    These Scottish eggs are absolutely delicious and satisfying. This was my first time having tried them (here or anywhere else) but certainly won’t be my last. The outer shell is prepared perfectly, crunchy yet delicate and not over done. The variety of flavor and texture will win you over, though you may have to save one for later as they really are quite satisfying and filling. Highly recommended!

  2. Gordon Watson

    Eating scotch eggs is a home game for me so opening the box to see these 2 mutant Homemade scotch eggs had me salivating before I cut into them. Perfect shell and texture, was very tasty. I Could only eat one in the first sitting. Totally value for money and ideal to share. Will be a regular order thankyou.

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